22 Sep

Social Media Marketing Tips For Plumbers – It’s Just The Modern Version Of Word Of Mouth Advertising

So you own a plumbing business, or you are a sole trader within the world of plumbing? Great, the world would be a whole lot worse off if we didn’t have the services of trustworthy and skilled plumbers!

That being said, you may see a need to advertise, market and promote your business to increase awareness, generate new clients and make your business more successful.

For many owners of businesses which provide a service, like plumbing services, they may not initially think that social media can be of much assistance to them. Often they may be tempted to go down the traditional routes of newspaper advertising, flyers and leaflets, business cards and so forth.

Before you rule out social media, however, as a very effective way to market your business, have a think about one interesting fact; using social media to promote your company is using a modern-version of a very traditional marketing technique – word of mouth!

Few businesses would disagree that word of mouth is one of the top ways to generate sales and expand a business. So that means if you are serious about the future of your plumbing business, and want to rely on a traditional method of promotion, then you need to be using social media to your advantage.

‘Great,’ you may be saying, ‘I get what you are saying, but how on earth do I get started?’ It doesn’t need to be the mission impossible that you may initially think. In fact here come a few social media marketing tips that will get you pointed in the right direction:

Tip Number 1 – Get A Page On Every Social Media Site You Can Think Of

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on – get yourself an account with everyone. If you’re not sure what social media sites exist, then ask the younger members of your family or workforce, you’ll find that they are a wealth of information on the subject.

Tip Number 2 – Link Your Personal Account

If you already have a personal account on social media sites, then link it to your new business page and send out a message asking friends to like and accept your friend request.

Not only does this step generate a busier social media page, but it also instantly introduces you to the friends of your friends and so on – you see, it’s word of mouth!

Tip Number 3 – Get Posting, And Don’t Be a Bore!

Now it’s time to get people sharing your posts with others. How can you go about it? Post things that are memorable and catch people’s attention. In general to get people sharing your post it needs to be either:

– Very informative
– Funny
– Eye-catching.

You could post some great tips related to home plumbing, for example, ‘Are You Going On Vacation? Follow These 3 Steps And You Won’t Come Home To A Flooded House’.

Tip Number 4 – It’s Time For Freebies!

If there is one thing that people will happily share with others, it’s the chance to get something for free! Now you don’t need to go into debt here, just offer your services to one fortunate person.

You could hold an online competition, the winner receiving a free plumbing check-up in their home or a voucher for your services when a need arises. By making the competition fun and interactive you are sure to generate more shares, and more shares mean increased word of mouth!

Tip Number 5 – Engage Visitors

The hard work doesn’t end once you’ve set your pages up and made a few posts. To market your plumbing business and generate new customers you need to interact as much as possible with people on your pages. This company www.fairfieldcountyplumbers.com has done a great job of doing just that. They saw a 15% increase by doing so.

If a new person joins your site, welcome them. If someone has asked a plumbing related question, provide them with a thorough and detailed response. Granted they may not need your services this time, but treat them right and you will be the person they turn to when a plumbing need does arise.

So there you have it, dear plumbers, using social media to promote your skilled services doesn’t need to be rocket science. Get yourself on every social media site that you know about, link it to your personal page and make regular posts that are informative, funny or eye-catching.

To generate more traffic and attention hold a few competitions and make sure that you are quick and friendly in your engagement and interaction with everyone who visits your site. Last but not least, if you are feeling hesitant or unsure about using social media to market your business, just remember it’s nothing new; why it’s just the modern version of word of mouth advertising!

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